The Dana Carvalho Memorial Scholarship

Our dear friend and colleague Dana West Carvalho passed away in October, 2018 from cancer.  Dana worked with me at For Kids’ Sake as a parent educator for 3 years. Her kindness and dedication to parents was remarkable during this time. Dana is remembered as a long – term advocate of young children and families Read More

Just in time for the holidays…

  Using Toys as Tools “Can I just have one toy? Please?”  “Pretty please?” “Do you have a special surprise for me?”   Parents worry when their children ask for toys, seemingly all the time. They worrying their kids will become demanding and spoiled and selfish and entitled as adults. This parent lament explodes around Read More

Help Your Child Fail Successfully!

  Sounds weird, right? I mean, what parent in their right mind would want their child to fail at anything? But research on resilient kids has demonstrated repeatedly that kids that fail in situations or tasks learn to recover and become resilient, especially if parents talk about their failure as an opportunity to learn something Read More

Family Celebrations for the 4th of July

Soon, all across America, parents will have the opportunity to share their family traditions for the Fourth of July to their kids. What traditions will you pass along to your kids? ~Riding decorated bikes in the neighborhood parade, with playing cards clothespined to your spokes, so your bike clacks along? ~Fourth of July picnics, Aunt Read More

Find Your Back-up Sanity!

We have all had one of these days…mine was the day before Easter, in HEB, crowds everywhere….the two year old grandchild, in the car cart which is difficult to steer, and has crashed into 3 aisle displays, so far. I really only had a very short shopping list, but it’s already taken 30 minutes with Read More

The Magic of Encouragement!

As parents, we know that how we make requests makes the difference in how our children respond. And we can probably all remembered uplifting experiences of having someone believe that “You can do it!” Encouragement is simply putting courage into children, to enhance the motivation already present. Encouragement really can be like magic in helping Read More

Kids Can Cooperate!

You are in the park with friends and it’s time to go home. Your child begins to whine, misbehave, and runs away from you…What’s going on here? You have been helpful to this child all day long! Why can’t kids seem to cooperate when we ask?! The first time!! Understanding the motivation behind your child’s Read More