Keep Your Sunny Side UP!

Developing an Optimistic Mindset, in spite of the Coronavirus!   What have you done today for the good of the country?  “Our society has changed from an achieving society to a feel – good society. Up until the 1960s, achievement was the most important goal to instill in our children. In the 1980’s, this goal Read More

Keep Calm and Carry On…

Dear friends, So much can change in a week. Schools are closed, some thru April 5 in Austin—well beyond the anticipated spring break week. Many parents will have to consider working from home, with kids at home, as a result. But like all things, if we look for the silver lining, we can find one. Read More

Ode to Iz

A Legendary Power Struggle about a Candle… and a Fine Mind in the Making   Years ago, my daughter Jennie & I had the opportunity to babysit with my niece, Isabelle, then 18 months old. We had a lovely afternoon and evening, and bedtime was approaching. As we readied the bath, I lit a candle Read More

Just in time for the holidays…

  Using Toys as Tools “Can I just have one toy? Please?”  “Pretty please?” “Do you have a special surprise for me?”   Parents worry when their children ask for toys, seemingly all the time. They worrying their kids will become demanding and spoiled and selfish and entitled as adults. This parent lament explodes around Read More