Helping Our Kids Transition Back to School…

Dear Friends,

Jennie here: I hope your summer was wonderful and restorative!

Since, the transition back-to-school is a doozy for most, I thought it might be a good time to send out a little note about the start of school. I feel I must remind you what you already know about Stamina at the beginning of the school year. Typically, it takes our kids 4-6 weeks to build-up the stamina they need to be in school all day long and actually function as regulated human beings when they get home after school.

Imagine, for a second that you are your kiddo: it has been 12 weeks of glorious, unstructured summertime–filled with trips, friends, camp, eating continuously, growing like a weed and being outside. It has been wonderful, and normal. Now, it’s time to transition back to school and get your brain and body ready to sit and listen and learn.

With all these things in mind, I want to remind you of some of the things they may have forgotten over the summer:
They have forgotten how to get up early.
They have forgotten how sit in desks in the classroom.
They have forgotten how to do schoolwork with paper and pencil.
They have forgotten how to juggle multiple sets of expectations.
They have forgotten how to change classes.
They have forgotten how to do classwork in a classroom.
They have forgotten to ask to go to the bathroom.
They have forgotten how to pack a backpack.
They have forgotten how to manage their school materials.
They have forgotten how to pack a lunch.

Most everyone is back to school this week, so you have probably noticed that your kids are coming home exhausted to the bone. I think we forget each year, how long it takes to build up the Stamina of being back in the routine of school: 4-6 weeks!

So, my suggestion is that for the next few weeks as they build up their Stamina: Don’t plan too much. Don’t plan anything afterschool except low key activities, lots of outside time and early bedtimes. Let’s see if we can’t hold on to those sweet moments of summer, just a little bit longer to help ease everyone’s transition back into their “school-selves.”
Keep reading in the hammock.
Keep doing family bike rides.
Keep running through sprinklers in the afternoon (it’s HOT).
Keep playing games in the evening.
Please keep thanking our teachers for all their hard work!

Happy New School Year to you and your family and let us know how we can support you going forward!