Services for Families:

Private Parent Consultations

Individual sessions to work with parents on their specific questions or concerns.

The Warmline Call

A scheduled telephone consultation available to current clients to answer parents’ specific questions or concerns.

School Observations

Available when parents and teachers have concerns about a child’s development, behavior or adjustment.

Choosing a School

Consultation on matching a child’s learning style to a school environment is available to parents.

Home Visits

To observe parents and children, and to offer suggestions for effective interactions.

By-Request Workshops

Designed for your church, school, or business and offered at your location.

Services for Kids, Tweens and Teens:

Kids’ Coaching/Tween Coaching/Teen Coaching

A private consultation with kids, from kindergarten through college. Parents come to For Kids’ Sake to get ideas on how to help their child solve a particular problem. Many times, they want to bring their child in for extra suggestions and practice. To help, For Kids’ Sake offers Coaching sessions to work directly with children and their parents! Kids’ Coaching/Tween Coaching/Teen Coaching topics can include:

  • The skills and tools of making and keeping friends
  • Helping to develop independence in self-management such as homework, chores and self-control
  • Assertiveness training, and standing up for their beliefs, with peers
  • Developing skills in self-control, aggression and anger management skills at home and school
  • Learning to cooperate with siblings
  • Developing strategies on handling the normal fears and worries of childhood, such as nightmares or fear of storms
  • Handling homework or other responsibilities at home
  • Ideas for kids who go between Mom’s and Dad’s houses
  • Helping with transitions to school, camp and college
  • Helping middle and high-schoolers handle peer pressure

Kids’ Coaching/Tween Coaching/Teen Coaching is a fun and effective skills-based educational coaching tool for parents and their children to solve problems. Please call us at For Kids’ Sake if you think Coaching would be of help to your children!