Find Your Back-up Sanity!

We have all had one of these days…mine was the day before Easter, in HEB, crowds everywhere….the two year old grandchild, in the car cart which is difficult to steer, and has crashed into 3 aisle displays, so far.

I really only had a very short shopping list, but it’s already taken 30 minutes with the crowds, and we’re still shopping. The two year old is getting hungry, and we all know what will happen next.

I must have had that glazed over “Get-me-outta-here” look in my eyes. My 13-year-old granddaughter looks at me, looks again, and says quietly, “Find your back-up sanity, Mamie. You know it’s there. Find it. It will be OK, and then we’ll have lunch soon.”

Back Up Sanity?????

Back Up Sanity???

What a great idea!

I burst out laughing! It totally broke the spell, and we made it out of HEB alive, and in time for lunch. Later, I made a list for my Back Up Sanity Survival Kit, which I carry with me everywhere:


~protein snack = walnuts

~gratitude break

~ Solitude= sit in the bathroom stall for 5 minutes & breathe

~Worry beads to fiddle with

~Lotion, to re-set my sensory overload

~ hum a favorite tune
Summer Back Up Sanity Activities

In cultures all over the world, people take naps. Call it siesta, call it down time, people of all ages need a break in the mid-afternoon to read, draw, rest, and play quietly …. ALONE.

Siestas are part of my personal back Up Sanity Plan, especially in the summer. Without one, I’m crazed. With a siesta, I’m cool, calm and collected.

Brain scientists call this feeling after a rest and reset, your Default Mode. It’s the most connected and creative mode your brain can experience. Usually after Default Mode, you have an Ah Ha moment in addition to feeling calm and relaxed. In order to access Default Mode, however the main rule is NO ELECTRONICS. For anyone. This means parents too!

So planning Siesta activities for kids can help parents actually achieve a siesta. We recommend parents set their child’s room up to include a variety of little nooks specific to activities: a Book Nook, an Art Nook, a Block Nook, etc. These nooks organize the activity tools into one area. Even teens will use these nooks, even though their Block Nook may evolve with time into a robotics nook. Rotating the tools will keep them fresh, and keep the nook uncluttered.

So for an Art Nook, tools include a shelf and a small table top area. On the shelf, rotate types of paper to keep things interesting: plain white paper, construction paper, even newspaper. Kids explore differently with different sizes and types of paper. Same with markers: some smell good, some can be dipped in water, some are fat, some are tiny. You get the idea. Same with colored pencils. Same with dough: playdough, Model Magic, and my personal favorite done before dinner on the kitchen table…bread dough. Kids can sculpt with it, then cook it for dinner!

What’s in Your Back Up Sanity Survival Kit?

Look for our July blog which will include a plan to organize the day with activities that will help us keep our sanity during the summer!