claireClaire Flynn, M.Ed., trained and taught as a parent educator at Stanford University’s Children’s Health Council. She is the founder of For Kids’ Sake, and is a nationally recognized author of three books for parents. She has taught infants, toddlers, preschoolers and school-age children, as well as administered schools, in early childhood and elementary school programs. She has also trained early childhood and elementary teachers at the college and graduate level for years. She has been an innovator in the field of education for the past 41 years. She is a parent of two grown children and has several grandchildren.

She is a parent educator in private practice, and founder of For Kids’ Sake. She offers consultations to parents and teachers, and also works with kids in the Kids’ Coaching service. One of her specialities is helping parents choose a school best suited to their child’s learning styles.  She also supports families and kids with learning differences and ADD spectrum behaviors. She enjoys presenting workshops for parents and teachers on topics such as: The Spirited Child, The Sensitive Child, No More Threats and Bribes, Helping Kids Handle Change Successfully, Helping Kids Develop Emotional Intelligence, and Raising an Optimistic Child.

Claire consults with schools and their staff on developmentally appropriate practices, and specializes in positive discipline techniques, classroom management, curriculum development, and accreditation practices.

Her books are recognized nationally and are available for sale. She also presents workshops on her book titles Your Are NOT the Boss of Me, Misbehavior is Important Work for Children, and Sleep Success form A to Zzzzzzz. She has a new book, The Dino Brain WILL Get You If You Don’t Watch Out! in the production stage, and will be available for sale by the end of the year.

jenJennie Flynn Buckley, M.A.T. is a parent educator in private practice with For Kids’ Sake, offering consultations to parents and teachers, and also works with kids in the Kids’ Coaching service. Through the Kids’ Coaching service she coaches parents and kids in the skills of emotional intelligence, friendship skills, self-esteem, anger management, problem solving, conflict resolution & positive communication skills, self-control, cooperation with siblings, strategies to handle normal fears & worries of childhood (such as nightmares), handling homework or other responsibilities at home, and planning for transitions like adjusting to a new school year or going to camp.

Jennie also offers teacher and parent workshops on a variety of topics, including Build a Better Brain, Tools of the Mind, How to Talk so Kids Will Listen, Helping Kids Tame their Dragons, Independence Skills, Fabulous Females, Siblings without Rivalry, and Positive Discipline Techniques.

She is the parent of 2 very curious and outgoing little boys, and is enjoying watching their minds in the making!

Heather Patterson, is Office Manager at For Kids’ Sake. She would love to help you set up a By Request Workshop for your group, or schedule an appointment for a private consultation. All of the instructors at For Kids’ Sake are parent educators in private practice.