Thank goodness we have For Kids’ Sake coming to our school again! I really missed their workshops for teachers. There are no other workshops like these in Austin.

Your classroom design suggestions has changed the kids’ behavior. The are more focused on tasks now that I have gotten control of the clutter! Thanks!

Your workshop on Snuggly Spaces in the Classroom was a real help to me, not just as a teacher. I have added several Snuggly Spots now to my classroom, and we all use them whenever we need a mini-break. The bird feeding station is a real hit, and kids can truly identify the birds at the feeder by matching them to the bird poster. My personal favorite if the Zen Garden in the window. Just a pinch of lemon verbena and I feel refreshed. Come back to visit anytime!

I came to your workshop for teachers on Why Do Children Act This Way? As I was listening, I realized that my you could have been talking about my son. I took him in for an evaluation for sensory integration and you were right on the money about why he was behaving that way. Thanks for helping us at school and at home.