Parent Workshop: Misbehavior Is Important Work for Children!

January 28, 2019 // 6:30-8:30

Water2Wine 3300 W Anderson Ln #304, Austin Texas 78757

Misbehaviors can be valuable and important learning opportunities for kids, if we use them well! Mistake making can become an art that allows us to cope with distress, develop resiliency as we cope, and learn what to do more effectively the next time. In previous generations, parents may have used blame and shame in response to a child’s misbehavior. With the new brain research, we now know that blame and shame flip the off switch for learning, and can crush a child’s curiosity.
This workshop will offer strategies for understanding what a child’s misbehavior is trying to tell us, and tools for transforming mistakes and misbehaviors into effective coping skills. With this approach, kids can develop self-discipline and resiliency. Parents that developing this transformational approach to discipline find it is key to a child’s positive self-esteem.
Join us for this workshop!