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Greetings to parents from For Kids' Sake!


At For Kids' Sake, we believe that parenting is the most important work we get to do as adults. Raising little people to become kind and successful citizens of the world is incredibly complex today.

And, really, who could have imagined how much our world would change after the arrival of our first child. . .

• Those quiet intimate dinners at the little Bistro down the street would change to gulping down a Big Mac at light speed while you monitor your little one gleefully siding on the restaurant playground, trying to defy gravity.

• Those animated discussions with your friends about the latest political cause, controversial book or the latest movie would shift to animated playgroup discussions about breastfeeding how-tos, getting kids to eat, or potty learning tips.

• Groping each other in the dark would take on a whole new meaning as you now find yourself awakened by the thrashing and moaning of your five-year-old, in bed with you after a nightmare!

• The pride we would feel as our school-ager learns to read and write and ride a bike. And the shock we would feel as they try on sass!

• The astounding realization that our middle-schooler is taller than we are.

• The mixed feelings of our teenagers anticipating their first prom, and the excitement and dread we would experiences as they take drivers ed!

And just as we begin to lament the loss of finished conversations or sleeping late, or time to ourselves, your child gives you a smile and looks into your eyes, and all is right with the world.

As with any important job, parents need tools to achieve satisfaction and success.

At For Kids' Sake, we provide parents with the latest information on child growth and development, focusing on effective and positive parenting strategies to support parents in this vital job.

Additionally, we offer strategies on choosing schools tailored to your child's learning styles. We offer this information in the form of workshops, books we have written, and individual consultations. Additionally, child and family counseling is also available. We have been fortunate to have worked with many families over many years. Recently, I was thrilled to hear a parent say at a workshop "We've been a For Kids' Sake family since my child was a baby."

Happy Parenting!

Claire Flynn M.Ed.
Child Development Specialist
Founder, For Kids' Sake

917 W. 29th
AUSTIN, TX 78705
(512) 476-9490
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