Many parents and teachers experience relief in a workshop when they see other adults facing similar dilemmas with children!

For Kids’ Sake has been offering workshops for parents and teachers for 30 years, to provide the most current information in a group setting on specific topics. Workshops emphasize tools to know children uniquely by age and stage, by their unique personality, and teach pragmatic tools to help kids learn to self-manage and self-control.

As one client wrote after a workshop: “We laughed, we cried, it was better than a movie!” Join us for a fun and practical workshop experience to build skills and understanding of why kids behave this way!

Winery Workshops

This year we are toasting parents! Visit our Event Calendar page to learn more and get tickets. Cost is $40/person, unless otherwise noted. Workshops are held at: Water 2 Wine: 3300 West Anderson Lane



By Request Workshops for Parents and Schools!

By Request Workshops are held at your location on a topic tailored to your family, group or educational setting…and it’s on a date that works for you. We have provided hundreds of workshops around Austin, but here are just some of the topics we can provide:

  • Change Your Child’s Behavior by Changing Yours
  • Kids Can’t Drive You Crazy, Unless You Give Them the Keys
  • The Spirited Child
  • The Sensitive Child
  • No More Threats and Bribes
  • Mistakes are Important Work for Children
  • Why Do They Behave That Way?
  • The Five Love Languages of Children
  • Media-wise Kids!
  • Families in Fast Forward: Finding a Balance to the Speed of Life
  • Help Kids Develop Independence
  • Terrific Toddlers and Twos
  • The Tweenager Zone
  • You are NOT the Boss of Me!
  • The Magic of Encouragement
  • Help Kids Develop Emotional IQ
  • Successful Bedtimes from A to Zzzzzz
  • Helping Kids Tame Their Dragons

Call our office at 512-476-9490 to arrange a By Request Workshop for your group or school!