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You Are NOT the Boss of Me!

By Claire Flynn M.Ed.
Power struggles are natural parts of growing up, and parents can turn them into positive opportunities. This book shows you how.


Misbehavior Is Important Work for Children

By Claire Flynn M.Ed.
Wise and witty advice to help parents help their children through the important work of testing limits and learning.


Successful Bedtimes from A to Zzzzzzz

By Claire Flynn M.Ed.
Getting kids to bed can be the toughest challenge of a parent’s day. Learn the tricks of teaching kids of all ages to turn in…so you can rest easy!


Saving B Bear

By Claire Flynn M.Ed.
In a far-off land, B Bear is swept away. Jennie, the little girl that loves him, and her big brother Chip know the most important thing now is…Saving B Bear.