Parent Workshop: Developing Independence for Real-World Readiness!

April 1, 2019 // 6:30-8:30

Water2Wine 3300 W Anderson Ln #304, Austin Texas 78757

“I’ll carry in the groceries!”

“I’ll feed the dog!”

“I’ve already finished my homework myself!”

Why are some kids self-confident while others are not? Research shows children must feel they are contributing in important ways, through various jobs and responsibilities, to develop a sense of competency and a positive self-image.

Children can be taught the skills of independence and self-reliance, to be ready to be successful in the real world. Kids take great pride in doing things for themselves, and are perfectly capable from age fifteen months on, to develop the skills of independence.

When parents hear “I can do it myself!”, they will know their child is getting prepared for life and its many challenges, at every age and stage.

Please join us for this workshop!